2016 - The End

December 2016 represents the end of just over 10 years of work to bring a better move/resize tool to the market. Zooom/2 sold its very first copy in the second half of October in 2006, just over a decade ago.

Closing down the website and product from a commercial standpoint brings a mixed bag of feelings. On one hand I've been in the unique situation to help thousands of people have a far better experience on the Mac - and on the other hand I have chosen to stop active development of the product.

The reason is relatively simple: time & simplicity. I need more time for other projects, and so it makes more sense for me at this point to call it a wrap.

I will leave the website running until March 2017, after which it too shall be shut down.

I wish to express my thanks to everyone that supported my endeavour by buying the product, providing feedback and your notes of encouragement - it means a lot.

Thank you,

John Clayton
Founder, CodeRage
Dec 2016